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The SEELRC's mission is, in part, to produce materials to aid the teaching and learning of the languages of our world region. Read about the Center's current projects below.

Reference Grammar Network

A set of parallel grammars of the languages of our world region. Each grammar has been written by world experts on that language, and is indexed for instantaneous comparison of semantic fields across languages. Supplementary, self-grading exercises for advanced-level users accompany each grammar. Additionally, individual grammars can be downloaded for offline use.

The Czech, Macedonian, Russian (with exercises) and Polish grammars are currently available online, with Romanian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, and Georgian available soon.
View the grammars

Grammatical Dictionaries

A searchable database of full word paradigms with native-speaker examples for each inflection. Each entry includes an English gloss and detailed annotation for semantics and pronunciation variants.

The Grammatical Dictionary for Russian is available, with over 10,000 headwords.

The Czech Grammatical Dictionary is under development and will be released once it has 5,000 headword entries.

Language and Culture Through Film

An innovative project to teach language and culture to advanced-level students. This project integrates film clips, full transcript, embedded dictionary, and live, online exercises. Instructors can track student progress and answers through a robust reporting system.

The Russian language version is currently available and a supplement on the Russian Avant Garde is under development. Language and Culture Through Film is available online as well as through a four-CD standalone version. Please contact us at for more information.

Text Databases

Searchable concordance of the entire works of Evgeny Zamyatin. The works of Mikhail Bulgakov will be available in the near future. These databases are intended for scholarly purposes only. Please contact the SEELRC for information on obtaining access.

Virtual Petersburg

Tour St. Petersburg, virtually! Explore hundreds of photos and virtual reality panoramic movies of St. Petersburg, Peterhof, Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallinn, Narva, and more!
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Case and Aspect Book Series

Complete descriptions of the meanings and uses of all of the cases in a given language (for example, nominative, genitive, dative, etc.), plus various verbal phenomena relating to aspect (the use of perfective and imperfective verbs, plus verbs of motion, etc.), written in an accessible style, and illustrated with authentic examples drawn from an extensive database representing a variety of genres and topics. Selected draft and sample chapters of the Case Books for Czech and Russian are currently available.
View the case and aspect books