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Language and Culture Through Film

Language and Culture Through Film is an interactive, multimedia course/course companion for advanced level users of Slavic and East European languages. The Russian language materials exhibited here are currently available. Modules in the Russian Avant-Garde as well as Czech and other languages are currently under development.

Culture Through Film screenshot
(click image for larger version)

The user interface has the following layout (as demonstrated by the screenshot and accompanying map):

Culture Through Film layout screenshot
  1. Listing of films included in the module. In the standalone version (displayed here), users can see at a glance where each film can be found. When a particular film is selected, the menu expands to display questions about the film (вопросы к фильму); general themes for discussion (темы для обсуждения); and a listing of the episodes (эпизод) for that film.
  2. A clip of the film ranging from 30 seconds to more than 2 minutes in length is displayed. Users can start, stop, and replay the clip (or portions of it) as much as they want.
  3. A full transcript of the dialogue from the clip is provided.
  4. Glosses to selected terms (highlighted in blue in frame 3) are provided.
  5. Вопросы к эпизоду: Students answer multiple-choice questions on the particular clip. Their answers are graded immediately and results returned. The student has the opportunity to correct wrong answers by submitting a second time. For those users without an internet connection, the answer sheet can be printed off and handed in to the instructor.

Instructors can get extensive information about student performance on film questions and can identify areas of difficulty for individual students as well as throughout the class (instructor interface not displayed here).

The SEELRC is committed to the copyright and fair use of the film clips in Language and Culture Through Film. All users must register with SEELRC. These materials are available free of charge through the SEELRC website or in a 4-CD standalone set (for a shipping & handling charge of $10). Please contact us for more information.