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Grammatical Dictionaries

The Grammatical Dictionaries project is a set of comprehensive reference works for Slavic and East European languages. The SEELRC Grammatical Dictionaries are unique in that they provide full word paradigms, native pronunciation, and semantic linkage in a user-friendly, web-accessible format. The Russian and Czech dictionaries are currently under development. The initial release of the Czech dictionary will contain 5,000 headwords.

NEW. The Albanian-English Grammatical Dictionary is available at Leonard Newmark (Professor Emeritus from the University of California, San Diego) led this project which was an adaptation of his Oxford Albanian-English dictionary for the internet. With over 58,000 headwords, the Albanian-English dictionary provides detailed semantic and syntactic information for each entry.

Use of the Albanian-English Grammatical Dictionary is absolutely free. Users need only create a login and password.

The first release of the Russian Grammatical Dictionary is available at This version contains over 13,000 headwords with full paradigms and sounds. Each subsequent edition will add 5,000 new headwords

Use of the Russian Grammatical Dictionary is absolutely free. Users need only create a login and password.

dictionary screenshot
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The user interface permits searching for word forms by selecting either the Russian or English word list (top frame) and then selecting from the list in the left-hand column. The final release version (not pictured here) will also permit searches on whole or partial word forms.

Entries include the full word paradigm, annotations of non-standard and colloquial usage, and an English gloss. Users can click each inflection to hear a native speaker's pronunciation. When more than one possible pronunciation exists (e.g. regional variants, multiple stress patterns, etc.), all forms are given. Each entry is hyperlinked to other word-formative and semantically-related forms.

The Grammatical Dictionaries can be used by themselves or can be partnered with electronic texts so that the user can simply click on a word in the source text and be linked directly to that word's entry in the dictionary.