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vet|asgjė|s|i'm nm [Book] self-destruction

ve'·te vi 1 to go; proceed 2 to reach a level/point: arrive (at a destination); get (to an outcome); last (for a period of time) 3 [Fig Colloq] to get along 4 [Fig] to be suitable/right 5 [Colloq] to be in operation: work, go 6 (followed by another verb) to start to _ 7 to spill out 8 [Colloq] to get wasted
<> ve·te3rd {} don't work out for <>, <>'s {} go for naught; <>'s {} miss
<> ve·te3sg bari sa hanxhari "the grass costs <> as much as the dagger" it costs more than what <> gets out of it
<> ve·te3sg bark <> has diarrhea
<> ve·te3sg barku prapa//nė kurriz <> gets very hungry
<> ve·te buka pas kurrizit [Colloq] <> is not given a moment to eat in peace
<> ve·te3sg buza vesh mė vesh "<>'s lip goes from ear to ear" <> laughs heartily; <> lights up with happiness
ve·te3sg dėm koha time is wasted
ve·te dėm to come to nothing, go for naught
ve·te duke {participle} to keep growing/getting more {}
<> ve·te3sg goja vesh mė vesh "<>'s mouth goes from ear to ear" <> laughs heartily; <> lights up with happiness

ve'te [1] refl nf 1 self, oneself: myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves 2 [Euph] groin area of the body: groin
mė vete 1 by oneself: apart, separate; on one's own 2 of one's own: special
nuk ėsh· nė vete not be in one's right mind
Pėr vete e bė·n/ka·! "Does it for {}self (not for me)!" It serves {} right!
Pėr veten e {pronominal adj} e bė·n/ka· "Does it for {}self (not for me)" It serves {} right!
{} pėr vete 1 in {}'s (personal) opinion 2 as for {}