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vaj [1]
nm oil
II§ adj quite calm; well-behaved
III§ adv well, smoothly, easily
vaj akrepi herbal folk medicine made with scorpion toxin and oil: scorpion oil
vaj bimėsh vegetable oil
vaj hindi castor oil
vaj liri linseed oil
vaj i mirė [Colloq] olive oil
vaj pambuku cottonseed oil
vaj recini castor oil
vaj i trashė [Colloq] resinous oil
U derdh vaji, s'mblidhet mė. [Prov] "The oil spilled, it cannot be gathered back anymore." There's no use crying over spilt milk. That's water over the dam.
vaj e verė e uthull [Colloq] "oil and wine and vinegar" like a rainbow

vaj [2]
IV§ nm 1 wail mourning a death: dirge, lament 2 mournful cry; crying 3
VI§ interj [Colloq] (cry of woe) woe is me!
Vaj halli! 1 What a calamity! Oh no! 2 Just think how terrible _! Vaj halli tė ishe drejtor i firmės! Just imagine how bad it would be if you were chief of the whole firm!

vaj|ani'cė nf 1 box containing lubricant for a gun 2 small oil can with a spout