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valeria'nė nf (Bot Pharm) valerian (Valeriana)

valerian|o're np (Bot) valerian family Valerianaceae

III§ nf 1 wave, undulation 2 state of liquid in a rolling boil; boiling-hot liquid 3 [Colloq] kettle for boiling water 4 bubble formed during boiling 5 [Reg] (Food) pap made of bread soaked in boiling water/milk 6 [Fig] instance, time, occasion 7 [Fig] change that proceeds in increasingly stronger gushes/impulses of intensity 8 [Fig] high point: crest, peak
IV§ adj extremely hot: boiling, scalding
adv boiling (hot)
VI§ adj (i) boiling/scalding hot; torrid
nė valė tė gjakut "with blood aboil (in boil of the blood)" in the fullness of youth
valė pas vale occasionally
vala e shpirtit death throes