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va'lle nf 1 dance; folk dance 2 [Fig] hard thing to do, tough/complicated/risky business
valle ēalthi kind of dance with limping steps by person in the lead
ėsh· jashtė valles "stay/be out of the dance" not participate and share responsibility
valle malenake pair dance of central Albania
valle e rėndė folk dance that requires energetic movement
vallja e sinisė dance at the height of gaiety in a celebration in which the dancer demonstrates his extraordinary ability to do complicated steps without stepping off a large copper tray
vallja e tepsisė dance that uses a round baking tray as a drum for rhythmic accompaniment

va'lle|z nf dimin 1 < va'lle 2 series of movements made by spawning fish

va'llė pcl tentatively suggests a statement for confirmation; expresses uncertainty or curiosity: I wonder, I suppose; perhaps