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vare'lė nf large wooden cask: barrel

var|e'sė nf (hanging) chain

va'et vpr 1 to hang down; hang 2 to hang on 3 to hang oneself 4 to go down 5 [Fig] to be/become a burden on <>; keep hounding <>
po <> var·et3sg koka <>'s head is nodding: <> is feeling drowsy, <> is falling asleep
<> var·et3pl mishrat <> is very flabby
<> var·et3pl mustaqet [Iron] "<>'s mustache droops" <> loses his honor as a man, <>'s manly honor is in question
<> var·et nė qafė "hang on to <>'s neck" to honey up to <>
var·et nė fije tė perit to hang by a thread; be in great danger
var·et nga {} 1 to depend on {}; be conditional on {} 2 [Ling] to be grammatically dependent on {}
var·et pas <> to depend on <>, pin one's hopes on <>
<> var·et3sg samari nėn bark "<>'s packsaddle to hangs under the belly" <> is in serious trouble
var·et tek {} to depend on {}, rely on {}
<> var·et3pl tulet <> is very fat and flabby