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nm burial place: grave; tomb
II§ adj unbearably difficult; grievous and intolerable
varret e fshatit village graveyard
<>u haptė varri/dheu nėn kėmbė! [Curse] May the ground open up under <>! May <>'s grave open under <>'s feet! I hope <> dies!
ėsh· varr i mbuluar to be very close-mouthed/tightlipped
Varret nuk flasin. [Prov] "Graves don't speak." Dead men tell no tales.

varraka's| stem for 1st sg pres, pl pres, 2nd & 3rd sg subj, pind < varraka't·

varraka't· vt [Colloq] to delay [ ] too long: keep putting [ ] off