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ve'gė nf (Reg) 1 pot handle 2 peg on which to hang something 3 [Fig] pretext, excuse 4 [Colloq] thigh, leg

ve'gėl nf 1 tool; (musical) instrument 2 loom 3 component part of a mechanism/system 4 (Sport) gymnastic apparatus 5 [Colloq] internal organ 6 [Reg] pot handle 7 [Reg Fig] pretext, excuse
vegėl fryme [Mus] wind instrument
vegėl e ndyrė/fėlliqur person who is used to serve base purposes: dirty tool
vegėl e verbėr [Pej] "blind tool" flunky, stooge: mere tool

veg|i'm nm ger 1 < vego'·n 2 faint appearance 3 apparition