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* ve'nc nf = ve'n

ve'n nf 1 place with a wine press for grapes 2 weak wine made by rinsing water through the grape mash

vend nm 1 place; location 2 populace of a place 3 country; home ground, home country; local area 4 sufficient space: room 5 seat 6 position, job 7 appropriate place/time: right place
vend i barutit field of battle
vendi i fmijs [Anat] placenta
s'gjen vend ku t futet "not find a place to put oneself" to be so upset than one doesn't know what to do
vend i holl [Euph] male genital area: crotch
s'ka vend e trev prej <> not have a moment's peace from <>
vend i keq/lig [Euph] lower belly (from the navel to the anus)
vend i mir [Old] holy place
n vend i ati//e ma just like his/her father/mother
N vend - numron! [Mil] Mark time - march!
N vend q t'<> v' vetulla, <> nxjerr syt. "Instead of putting eyebrows on <>, {} takes out <>'s eyes." Instead of making <> better, {} ruins <> completely.