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n active participant; activist
II§ adj capable of working, engaged in work: working

vepr|im|tar|i' nf 1 activity, action; endeavor 2 active participation; agency

vepr|o'·n vi to be active, act
vepro·n me mendje tė vet to make up one's own mind, act according to one's own lights
vepro·n me/mė kokėn e vet "act with/on one's own head" to act according to one's own lights, go {}'s own way, do {}'s own thing
vepro·n nė tym to work without a clear plan
vepro·n pas/prapa krahėve 1 to act behind people's back 2 to act unexpectedly
vepro·n prapa shpinės sė <> to use <> as a front; hide behind <>'s skirts