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vesves|eli' nm [Colloq] person who is excessivly and needlessly concerned/suspicious about everything: worrywart

vesh· vt 1 to clothe [ ]; put on [clothes] 2 to provide [ ] with clothes: dress 3 to wear 4 [Fig] to ascribe [ ] to <>; attribute [ ] to <> 5 [Colloq] to take [ ] into a job requiring uniform dress 6 [Fig Colloq] to stick <> with [responsibility/blame]
<> vesh· [Colloq] to talk off the top of one's head
<>a vesh· 1 [Colloq] to hit <>, hit <> suddenly: lay one on <>, paste <> one 2 [Colloq] to do <> hastily
[ ] vesh· dhe [ ] ngjesh· to dress [ ] in warm clothes: dress [ ] warm
<>a vesh· kėmishėn me uthull "dress <> in a shirt wet with vinegar" to give <> a severe beating: beat <> to a pulp, clean the floor with <>
<>a vesh· me shuplakė to give <> a slap in the face
ia vesh· tjetėr pėr tjetėr to hit on a response that is completely off track

vesh [1] nm 1 ear 2 handle 3 bunch (of fruit) 4 moldboard of a plow 5 eye of a needle 6 (Anat) (heart) auricle
veshi i belit footrest on a spade handle (used to apply foot pressure for digging)
vesh deti [Invert] ormer, abalone Haliotis tuberculata lamellosa
vesh elefanti [Invert] elephant-ear sponge Spongia agaricina
vesh gomari [Bot] = babani'k
me veshė tė mprehur with keen ears
me veshė tė ngritur ears cocked, listening alertly
me veshėt pip with ears pricked attentively; sharp-eared
s'merr· vesh not listen, pay no attention; not obey
vesh mė vesh ear to ear
nuk e rre veshin (pėr [ ]) not be much concerned (about [ ]): not going to lose any sleep (over [ ])