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part < vesh·, vi'sh·et
II§ adj (i) 1 clothed; dressed 2 [Colloq] provided with sufficient clothing 3 covered with a thin layer of something: coated 4 covered by a filmy membrane (over the eye) 5 covered with green growth: verdant 6 covered by clouds: overcast 7 previously worn: used, secondhand
veshur me gėzof with fur lining
i veshur pingėl all decked out in new clothes
i veshur si kaēup bundled up in heavy clothing
i veshur si pėr mik "dressed as for (receiving) guests" all dressed up in new clothes, dressed for company

vesh|ve'rdhė nf (Ichth) leaping gray mullet (Liza saliens) = gastu'r

vesh|vo'gėl adj having small ears