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ve'te [1] refl nf 1 self, oneself: myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves 2 [Euph] groin area of the body: groin
mė vete 1 by oneself: apart, separate; on one's own 2 of one's own: special
nuk ėsh· nė vete not be in one's right mind
Pėr vete e bė·n/ka·! "Does it for {}self (not for me)!" It serves {} right!
Pėr veten e {pronominal adj} e bė·n/ka· "Does it for {}self (not for me)" It serves {} right!
{} pėr vete 1 in {}'s (personal) opinion 2 as for {}

ve'te [2] sg pres < ve'·te

vet|e'c|ės adj [Spec] self-propelled