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ve'tė| formativ auto-, self-
ėsh· dora vetė pėr to be uniquely/highly qualified for
vetė i dytė/tretė/.../nėntė "oneself as a second/third/.../ninth person" together with a second/third/.../ninth other person
vetė fle, vetė dėgjo·n to talk to oneself, no one is paying any attention to what one is saying
vetė ind e vetė majė all alone
vetė me vete all by oneself; to oneself
vetė para e vetė pas (all) alone, by oneself (without anyone else around)
Vetė shėndoshė! (said in order to console someone who has suffered a great loss) Try to be brave! You'll get through it somehow!
vetė shkrua·n, vetė vulos· "write it oneself, stamp it oneself" to be able to act on one's own authority
{} tė vetėn se/qė tė vetėn {verb} {} just has to have {}'s own way and {verb}: {} obstinately {verb}:
vetė vali (e) vetė kadi/myfti "both ruler and judge oneself" so powerful that one can do as one likes

II§ nf person
III§ refl pron self: myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves
IV§ adv without help: by myself/yourself/himself/herself/itself/ourselves/yourselves/themselves

vetė|ba'rt|ės adj (Tech) self-propelled