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adj (i) 1 single, lone, only; sole 2 without equal, unique 3 alone; separate, independent 4 unchanging, constant
II§ n (i) one that is all alone in the world
III§ adv 1 only, just; solely, simply 2 alone; all alone in the world; singlehandedly
IV§ pcl if only; just
conj but only/just, except
vetėm fill all alone, quite alone
vetėm gjaku [ ] nda·n3sg "only spilling blood will separate/settle [ ]" [ ] won't stop until someone is killed; only vengeance in blood will settle [a blood feud]
ėsh· i vetmi pėr/nė [ ] to have no match in regard to [ ], be incomparable in [ ]
vetėm pėr vetėm 1 completely/quite alone 2 in private
vetėm qė/se _ except that _, it's just that _
Vetėm qimja e ndan. Everything is hanging in the balance.
vetėm e vetėm solely, just

vetė|mashtr|i'm nm self-deception

* vetė|mba'jt|je nf 1 [Book] = vetėpėrmba'jtje 2 self-supporting, self-maintaining