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vėng nm (np ~gje) 1 wooden rim of a cart/wagon wheel; one section of such a rim: felly 2 hole along the edge of a moccasin for the lacing thong; lacing thong 3 wooden stake (stuck in the ground and tied to something): tether stake, tent stake 4 peg on which to hang something 5 [Fig] pretext, excuse 6 [Reg] chain 7 [Reg] premonition, omen; anxiety

vėngar|a'sh adj, n = vėngėro'sh

III§ adj (i) 1 having improperly focused/coordinated eyes: cross-eyed, wall-eyed, squint-eyed 2 [Fig] too difficult to deal with; too complicated
IV§ adv 1 cross-eyed; askance 2 [Fig] with antipathy; suspiciously
shikim/vėshtrim i vėngėr "crosseyed look" look that expresses contempt/disrespect/anger/envy/mistrust