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vėrt|i't· vt 1 to rotate, turn, spin, revolve 2 [Fig] to make [ ] do what one wants: run [ ] around (by the nose) 3 [Fig Colloq Pej] to give [ ] the runaround; use a dodge to go back on [something said] 4 [Fig] to fix up [a matter] by improper means
[ ] vėrtit· nėpėr mendje to turn [ ] over and over in one's mind

vėrt|i'et vpr 1 to revolve, rotate, spin 2 to turn from one side to another: toss and turn; turn this way and that 3 to wander around 4 to stay close to <>, hang around <> 5 [Fig] to keep coming back to the same topic 6 [Fig Colloq] to shift sails with every turn of the wind; be evasive in answering; behave in a wily fashion

vėrt|i't|je nf ger 1 < vėrti't·, vėrti'et 2 revolution, rotation