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vishara'k adj = pjello'r

vi'sh·et vpr 1 to put on clothes, get dressed 2 to become covered over by a thin layer of something: mist over, fog up 3 [Fig Iron] to clothe oneself in false colors 4 [Fig] to become invested in an office 5 [Colloq] to take up duty as a member of a uniform-wearing group 6 [Colloq] to assail <>
vish·et me gusto to dress in good taste
vish·et me [ ] "get dressed with [ ]" to get ready to attack with a [ ]
vish·et me/nė (rroba) tė zeza to dress in black (clothes); be in mourning
vish·et me/nė hekur/ēelik "be dressed in iron/steel" to be armed to the teeth
vish·et rėndė 1 to wear heavy clothes: dress warmly 2 to wear a lot of jewelry
<> vish·et3pl sytė "<>'s eyes get veiled" 1 <>'s eyes glaze over 2 <> is blind to the truth

* vishin|a'dhė = vishnja'dhė