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vi'shtė adj (i) [Reg] sown in the autumn; pertaining to or produced by the grain crops sown in autumn

vi'sht|ull nf (Bot) mistletoe

vit nm year
vitet {} the years in the decade {decade number}: the {decade}'s vitet njėzet the twenties
vit akademik academic year (in institutions of higher education)
vit i brishtė leap year
vit i mbarė good year
viti nė udhėtim [Book] the year in progress, this year
Viti i Ri New Year's Day, January 1
vit shkollor/mėsimor school year, instructional year (in primary and secondary schools)
vit visek leap year
Viti vitit nuk i ngjet. "A year is not like another year." Times change.