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z|ba'lt·et vpr 1 to lose its taste 2 to get the taste out of one's mouth: just have a little something to eat

II§ vt 1 to whiten; brighten 2 to bleach 3 to peel/rub off the outer layer of [ ] in order to expose the good part 4 to grizzle [ ] (with gray hair) 5 [Fig] to bring honor and glory to [ ]; brighten [ ] so that it reflects honor and glory on <>; brighten up [ ] 6 to revise [ ] (in order to make it cleaner/clearer/better)
III§ vi 1 to dawn 2 to stand out in whiteness from its surroundings
zbardh· dhëmbët "whiten one's teeth" [Pej] to snicker
<>a zbardh· faqen 1 to save <>'s honor: save <>'s skin 2 to make <> proud
<> zbardh· jetën to make <> happy
zbardh· sytë "whiten one's eyes" to turn up one's eyeballs: die

z|bardh|ala'q adj = zbardhalu'q