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z|bra'ps·et vpr to move backwards, back up; retreat = spra'ps·et

zbraz· vt to empty [ ] (of its contents): empty [ ] out, pour [ ] out [ ], evacuate; unload; discharge/fire [a gun]
<> zbraz· barkun to disclose every personal detail to <>; pour out one's feelings to <>
e zbraz· barkun to disclose every personal detail; pour out one's feelings: spill one's guts
zbraz· frymėn [Colloq] to empty one's lungs: breathe out, exhale
i zbraz· tė gjitha to tell everything, tell all
<> zbraz· tėrė fishekėt "fire all one's cartridges at <>" 1 to lambaste <> thoroughly: let <> have it with both barrels, give <> Hell, unload on <> 2 to use every possible argument/means against <>
i zbraz· tėrė fishekėt "fire all one's cartridges" to use every argument; use all one's powers of persuasion
<>i zbraz· trutė [Crude] to spill <>'s brains: shoot <> in the head and kill <>
i zbraz· xhepat "empty the pockets" to spend all one's money
<> zbraz· zemrėn to pour out one's heart to <>, unburden one's heart to <>

zbra'et vpr 1 to stay empty 2 to empty/pour out, discharge 3 (of a gun/explosive) to go off, fire 4 [Fig] to unload/vent [one's thoughts/feelings]