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zbre's| stem for 1st sg pres, 1st & 3rd pl pres, 2nd & 3rd sg subj < zbret

II vi 1 to descend; go down; reach down 2 to get down from [a horse], get off [a vehicle] 3 [Fig] to go down in status, suffer a come-down 4 [Fig] (of a time of day/year) to fall
III vt 1 to take/bring [ ] down 2 to reduce [ ] in amount 3 (Math) to subtract
<> zbret3sg damari <>'s temper abates
<> zbret3pl kacabunjt <> cools off, <> calms down
[ ] zbret n tok to bring [ ] down to earth, set [ ] straight
zbret nga fiku [Iron] to lose one's high position
zbret nga fuqia to fall from power, lose power/authority
zbret nga shala e hipn n samar [Iron] "get off the saddle and on a packsaddle" to suffer a loss in rank: come down a notch
<> zbret3pl ort <>'s anger abates: <> calms down
<> zbret3pl qipujt "the goblins come down from <>" <> calms down, <>'s rage abates
<> zbret3pl xhindet "the jinni come down from <>" <> calms down, <>'s rage abates

zbri's| stem for pind, 2nd pl pres, imper < zbret