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ze'mėr nf 1 heart 2 [Reg] (Anat) abdominal cavity; belly = lugth 3 [Colloq] sweetheart, honey
s'ka· zemėr 1 to have no feelings; be merciless 2 to be squeamish; not have the heart to see or hear sad things
zemėr e madhe big-hearted person
me zemėr tė ējerrė heartbroken
me zemėr tė copėtuar deeply touched/moved, with a broken heart
me zemėr tė gjerė tolerant; generous
me zemėr tė hapur/ēelur honestly
me zemėr tė ngrirė "with frozen heart" in terrible dread: with one's heart in one's throat, frozen with fear, in great fear
me zemėr tė plasur 1 dispirited, down in the mouth 2 brokenhearted; pining
me zemėr tė plotė without any reservation; wholeheartedly
me zemėr tė prishur 1 heartbroken 2 in a bad mood

zemėr|a'k adj 1 irascible 2 angry 3 [Fig] stormy

zemėr|a'kull adj 1 with a heart of ice: devoid of feeling 2 = zemėrgu'r