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zgu'rdh nf [Anat] 1 bowels, colon 2 asshole, anus 3 [Crude] gullet

z|gja|s| stem for 1st sg pres, pl pres, 2nd & 3rd sg subj, pind < zgjat

III vt 1 to lengthen; prolong 2 to extend; hold [ ] out to <>
IV vi 1 to grow longer 2 to continue for a length of time: last, extend
<>[ ] zgjat to let <>'s [ ] get long
<>a zgjat to try to be too nice to <>
nuk <>a zgjat not stretch matters out with <>, not waste time with <>
<> zgjat dorn 1 to lend <> a hand, help <> out 2 to request <>'s help: put one's hand out to <> 3 to extend one's hand to <> for a conciliatory handshake
e zgjat gjuhn si lpjet/lpush/lpushk [Pej] "grow a tongue as long as a sorrel leaf" to talk too much (and say silly and irrelevant things)
zgjat hundt [Pej] "grow a long nose" to stick one's nose into other people's business
Zgjati kmbt sa ke jorganin/plafin/shtratin. [Prov] "Stretch your legs according to your coverlet." Cut your coat according to your cloth. Know your own limits!
zgjat kraht "grow long arms" to extend one's influence
e zgjat muhabetin me [ ] "prolong the chat with [ ]" to get on friendly terms with [ ]
<> zgjat qafn "stretch one's neck to <>" [Contempt] to surrender abjectly: knuckle under