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zi' [1]
adj (i), (fem sg ~e'z, masc pl ~i'nj, fem pl ~eza) 1 black 2 dark 3 containing/collecting sewage 4 [Fig] miserable, wretched 5 [Fig] bringing misfortune, fatal, bad
II§ nm (np ~eza) 1 miserable/wretched person 2 dark-skinned person 3 (Chess) person playing the black pieces: black
i zi katran/shkrumb/skėterrė pitch black

zi [2]
III§ nf 1 grief; period of mourning 2 something black worn as symbol of mourning: mourning clothes, black ribbon 3 [Fig] hard times; shortages (of food) 4 greed
IV§ nn (tė) 1 black, blackness 2 mourning; mourning/black clothes 3 [Fig] dark shadow/cloud; misery, misfortune
adv in black; (dress) in black clothing
zi buke famine
tė zitė [Colloq] (used after a question word to indicate exasperation) in hell!

zi'| [3] stem for 2nd pl pres, pind, imper, vp < zė'·