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zi [2]
nf 1 grief; period of mourning 2 something black worn as symbol of mourning: mourning clothes, black ribbon 3 [Fig] hard times; shortages (of food) 4 greed
II§ nn (tė) 1 black, blackness 2 mourning; mourning/black clothes 3 [Fig] dark shadow/cloud; misery, misfortune
III§ adv in black; (dress) in black clothing
zi buke famine
tė zitė [Colloq] (used after a question word to indicate exasperation) in hell!

zi'| [3] stem for 2nd pl pres, pind, imper, vp < zė'·

vt, vi to boil; seethe
VI§ vi 1 to ferment 2 to have a prickly feeling; feel numb 3 to proceed with great energy: bubble (with excitement), bustle (with activity)
<> zie·n {} "<>'s {} is boiling" <> hears a disturbing buzzing/ringing in {} mė ziejnė veshėt my ears are ringing
<> zie·n3sg gjaku <>'s blood is heating up: <> is very lively and energetic
zie·n3sg kazani there is a lot of talk going around, the town is abuzz; there is a lot of activity, things are buzzing
<> zie·n3sg koka "<>'s head is boiling" <>'s mind is in turmoil
zie·n3sg nė tė katėr rrylat to boil noisily
zie·npl nė njė kazan "boil in one cauldron" to be all the same
zie·n3sg puna "the work is boiling" work is going at breakneck speed
zie·n raki to distill raki
zie·n si kazan to be agitated and restless
<> zie·n3sg toka/trualli nėn kėmbė "the ground burns under <>'s feet" nowhere is there safety for <>, there is no respite for <> there