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zi'·het vpr 1 to quarrel; fight 2 to hold on 3 [Fig] to become friends; become relatives 4 to begin, start 5 to reach the intended fermentation state: congeal, set; (of dough) rise 6 to get pregnant; (of an embryo) take shape 7 [Colloq] to improve (in economic condition); start to shape up 8 to have significance: count 9 to get stopped up, become covered over
Nuk zihet dielli me plisa. [Prov] "The sun cannot be covered over by clods of earth." Truth will out. You can't hide the truth.
<> zi·het3sg gjuha "<>'s tongue stops up" <> becomes tongue-tied
zi·het nė lėng tė {pronominal adj} "stew in one's own juice" to get along on {one's} own
zi·het pėr pesė/dy para spec "quarrel about five/two farthings worth of pepper" to quarrel about nothing, fight over a trifle
zih·et pėr njė lugė ēorbė "quarrel about a spoonful of thick soup" to break off a friendship over a trivial matter, break off a social relationship over nothing
zih·et pėr tė bardhat e laraskės to argue about nothing
zi·het pėr fyti/gryke me [ ] to quarrel/fight bitterly with [ ]
zi·het pėr mjekrėn e qoses "quarrel about the beard of the beardless man" to quarrel over nothing
<> zi·het3sg shpirti ngjak <>'s life becomes Hell

* zi'h|je nf quarrel, squabble

zijafe't nm [Old] = gosti'