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* zjar|mu'r nm bonfire

II§ nm 1 fire; flame 2 (Ethnog) family; clan 3 high temperature, fever 4 (Mil) gunfire 5 [Fig] passion; ardor
III§ adj impassioned, fervent
IV§ adv aflame, on fire
Zjarr! [Mil] Fire! Shoot!
zjarr dimri big fire
zjarri i egėr/duhanit disease of tobacco manifested as dark spots on the leaves
zjarr i kryqėzuar [Mil] crossfire
ėsh· nė mes dy zjarresh "be between two fires" to be between the devil and the deep blue sea
nė zjarr (of livestock) in heat, rutting
nė zjarrin e <> in the heat of <>, at the critical moment of <>
zjarr partizan large bonfire commemorating the partisans of World War II; bonfire
zjarr pėr zjarr with immediate retorts back and forth, with an immediate retort, blow for blow; fire for fire
zjarr thikė [Mil] raking fire

zjarr|dur|u'e|s adj 1 fire-resistant; fireproof 2 (Tech) refractory