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zon|i'sht nm corn sown late in the season (in the stubble of a previous grain crop)

II adj (e) < zo'ti 1 (of a woman/girl) masterful; productive 2 [Pej] masterly in doing something bad: cunning
III nf (e) 1 proprietress, owner 2 mistress of the household, lady of the house; boss

IV nf 1 lady in a wealthy family with servants: madam 2 [Old] term of address used by a new wife for her mother-in-law and older sisters-in-law: ma'am 3 term of respectful address for a married woman or a respected older woman (but during the period 1 [9] 4 [7] - [9] 1, the term was used mostly for foreign women): Mrs., ma'am 4 [Impol] woman who puts on airs and considers herself too good to work 5 [Fig] something that deserves respect
V adj ladylike, respectable
zonj e bukur [Bot] belladonna = helmari'n
zonj e mir [Euph] smallpox