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zorr|ovi'nė nf [Colloq Impol] intestine-like thing; something long (like an intestine)

* zorr|ovin|o'r adj intestinal

zot nm (np ~ėri'nj) 1 master; headman 2 boss, head 3 (Relig) Lord, God 4 term of respectful address for a man (during the period 1 [9] 4 [7] - [9] 1, the term in Albania and Kosovo was mostly reserved for foreign men): Mr., mister; sir
I zoti e di ku i pikon ēatia/shtėpia. [Prov] "The head of the house knows where the roof/house leaks." Only you can know what your problems are: Only you can know where your own shoe pinches.
I zoti e nxjerr gomarin nga balta. [Prov] "The owner gets the donkey out of the mud." If you want a thing done right you have to do it yourself.
I zoti e shet, tellalli s'e jep. [Prov] "The owner sells it, the hawker does not give it." (said when a person without authority contradicts one with authority)
i zoti i besė [Ethnog] accused person (at a trial held by a council of elders)
zoti i shtėpisė pater familias, head of the family