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zvarr|i't· vt 1 to drag 2 to drag [ ] out, prolong; drawl

zvarr|i'et OR zvarr|i'et vpr 1 to creep, crawl 2 to drag on/along, trail; slide slowly 3 to linger 4 [Fig] to have a tough time in life, barely get by

zvarr|i't|ės adj 1 dragging along the ground: creeping, crawling; trailing; procumbent 2 [Fig] dragging on monotonously; protractive
zvarritės krahėkuq [Ornit] nuthatch Sitta europaea
zvarritės i shkrepave [Ornit] rock nuthatch Sitta neumayer Mich.
zvarritės i zakonshėm [Ornit] wallcreeper Tichodroma muraria